Importance of Healthy Breakfast for Young Gymnasts

In this article, we will discuss the importance of breakfast and why should you convince your child to eat their breakfast every morning. Also, we will give some examples of a healthy breakfast meal that you can prepare for your child. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading this article :)

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, cliché as it may sound, but there’s a great deal of truth in this sentence. It is one of those meals that one should never skip. Breakfast serves as your body’s fuel to make it through the day. Skipping breakfast means your body won’t have its source of energy to be able to do your day-to-day activities in the most efficient way. Breakfast is important, especially for kids taking part in gymnastics, as it is necessary to provide them enough energy to support their very active lifestyle.

Great Combination of a Healthy Breakfast!

Most people might argue about this and say “that doesn’t matter! I’ll eat a heavy lunch in a couple of hours anyway, and that’s more than enough to get the energy I need”. It makes sense, but by delaying your meal until lunchtime means that you have been in the fasted state for too long!

Say for example, you wake up every day at eight in the morning, and you slept eight hours prior to that, that means your body hasn’t gotten any food for more than eight hours already! Yes, more than eight hours, because you’re not going straight to sleep after eating, do you? That forces your body to consume your glycogen and fat stores while you’re sleeping, leaving your body depleted the moment you wake up.

If you won’t eat breakfast right after you wake up, then you’re leaving your body technically drained throughout the day, or at least until lunch time. Refusing to take in any meal in the morning leaves you with an empty stomach and barely enough energy to make it until lunchtime.

Physically Tired

Skipping breakfast means you’re missing a whole lot of benefits that a healthy breakfast can offer you. Eating a healthy breakfast every morning provides your body with the adequate amount of physical and mental energy to properly address all the work that needs to be done all throughout the day. Plus, supplying your body with the energy it needs first thing in the morning makes you start your day off on the right track.

You might say “what if I don’t feel hungry yet in the morning?” or “I don’t feel like eating in the morning”, that still doesn’t change the fact that your body has been fasting for too long already, and it needs to refill its fuel reserves already. Being unable to eat any kind of food in the morning is just a habit formed by skipping breakfast for a long time, and it can be broken with enough practice. For starters, you could try to eat a small amount of breakfast every morning and then try to increase it slightly every morning, until you can finally chug down a full meal during breakfast. A small serving of oatmeal and a glass of milk is a great start, as oatmeal will provide your body with an adequate amount of carbohydrates and fiber to get you going throughout the day, while the glass of milk will provide you enough protein and calcium, which is beneficial for your bones and muscles.

Health is Wealth! Eat Breakfast!

Once you get the habit of eating breakfast during the morning, you could now start customizing your meals to match your needs. A good breakfast consists of proper balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates. For example, making a chicken sandwich out of chicken breast, whole wheat bread, lettuce, and a low fat mayonnaise give you the protein, fat and complex carbohydrates your body needs. That’s like hitting three birds in one sandwich.. Err, I mean stone! :D

So, can you now see the importance of eating a healthy breakfast every morning? You can’t drive a car without filling its tank with enough fuel, so how is your body any different? Start your day right, eat smart! :P

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