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Who is Bianka Panova

Bianka Panova is a Guinness World Record holder for becoming the first rhythmic gymnast who won all possible gold medals (5) with a maximum score of 10 points at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Varna, Bulgaria in 1987.

She has won the World Champion title 9 times, the European Champion title 5 times, and has also became the World Cup winner twice.

After her big success, she became the Head and National Coach of Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs in Italy, Belgium, Spain, England, and all around Europe. She prepared gymnasts from different age groups and various categories for national and international competitions. Moreover, she has trained many of the finest athletes of Belgium, including National Champion Elke De Backer, who is also teaching daily ballet classes of different levels. Bianka also worked as an Instructor of Stretching and Conditional Coach for Royal Ballet of Flanders, Belgium.

Bianka Panova has made significant contributions to the European gymnastic and dancing world.

A great athlete not only impresses with physical qualities, but should touch hearts and inspire people.

- Bianka Panova

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Bianka Panova is an Olympian, Emeritus Master of Sport, Individual All-Around World Champion,
and European Champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

She is also a winner of the TV Show “Dancing With the Stars.”
*Bulgarian TV Edition ("Strictly come Dancing"), BBC License*

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Other Accomplishments

She has even introduced her own method of flexibility conditioning for non-gymnast athletes and is the founder of “Motion with Emotion,” which is a unique system for ladies that is entirely based on years of experience in sports training.

European ballet dancers also had the opportunity to work with her when she was an Instructor of Stretching and Conditional Coach for the Royal Ballet of Flanders, Belgium.

She has a vision: to share her knowledge to the new generation and to create a better world.

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