7th Anniversary Gala

Hey, Step Into The Light, Please?

Celebrate with us at the Bianka Panova Academy's 7th Anniversary theatre performance for all ages including dance, music, acting, & RG!

About this event

2022 marks the 7th Anniversary for the Bianka Panova Academy!

As part of the celebration, BPA will be presenting “Hey, Step Into the Light Please?”, performed by BPA’s talented gymnasts and directed by coaches Bianka Panova, Xuan Ong and Juliana Kassim Chan.


The story follows a pair of sisters, Amelia and Isadora.

Amelia is impressively talented in playing the piano, but she feels most comfortable in hiding and wishing to “fit in” just like any other normal girl. Standing out has a price and Amelia doesn’t want to be seen as arrogant or proud.

Isadora is seemingly mediocre in everything she does because she focuses on what makes her happy. Isadora is content with being normal since she doesn’t want to be pressured into impressing others.

As the play unfolds, we witness their relationship with their parents and each other grow and change as they face their challenges, peers, critics, and expectations. Will they answer, “Yes" to the question, "Hey, Step Into the Light Please?"

7th Anniversary Gala:

This theatre performance will include Rhythmic Gymnastics as the foundational movement vocabulary for dance, acting, and music. We look forward to sharing the culmination of the gymnasts’ training so far and showcasing their journey to discovering their unique strengths and talents.


Performance of "Hey, Step Into the Light Please?" with a 15 minute intermission

Guests are advised to arrive 15 minutes (7.15pm) before the performance begins. Latecomers will need to wait to be admitted at next available entry to avoid disturbance to the performers and the audience members.

Date and Time

Thu, 17 November 2022

17:30 – 23:00 SG Time


Drama Centre, National Library

100 Victoria Street


Singapore, Singapore 188064

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