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About Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy

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The Academy

The Bianka Panova Sport & Art Academy is a center of excellence focused on the great principles of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

We provide all-day sport and motion art activities, for youth ages 4-18, with a clear focus on a strong Rhythmic Gymnastics foundation.

We also operate as a center for Rhythmic Gymnastics high performance and giving a opportunity finding the safe space to explore and feel. We believe that Rhythmic Gymnastics holds great principles for the empowerment of the youth, which should serve as a strong foundation for many kinds of sports and motion arts. We believe that granting the youth a strong Rhythmic Gymnastics foundation, we can help unlock their potential and instill great educational values and habits for their future growth.
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Empowering The Youth

Rhythmic Gymnastics is…


Strong Foundation

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We Believe

We believe that Rhythmic Gymnastics holds great principles for the empowerment of the youth, which should serve as a strong foundation for many kinds of sports and motion arts.

We believe that granting the youth a strong Rhythmic Gymnastics foundation, we can help unlock their potential and instill great educational values and habits for their future growth.

Our Mission

Empower the youth to unlock their potential, using the great principles of Rhythmic Gymnastics as a foundation.

Nurture, grow and support Rhythmic Gymnastics and create the strive for excellence.

Promote and uncover the power of Rhythmic Gymnastics as a source for it is formal alternative education approach and personal growth for youth.

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The Academy Team

Our founders and coaches are a group of accomplished people that are full of dreams for themselves, the academy, and its students.
They have achieved as much as what they want our students to achieve. Get to know them here!

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Daniela was born in Bulgaria and at the age of 13 she moved with her family to Israel. In 2014 she relocated to Singapore due to her husband’s business. Daniela was searching for a gymnastics club for her young daughter and she was not able to find what she was looking for. So she decided to open her own place and she is now the Managing Director of Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy which has been operating since 2015 and has a clear vision to become the premier world-class academy in the Asia Pacific region.

Her prior work experience ranges from marketing manager roles to organizing high-end events for corporate clients. She holds a B.A of Business Administration as well as Marketing and Social media diplomas.

Daniela is extremely passionate about dancing – she used to be a Ballroom and Latin dancer and an amateur actress. Her other interests include reading books and watching theatre. She genuinely believes that everybody has a huge potential to succeed in life if they do exactly what they love and passionate about. Her moto is to always dream big and follow-through in order to create and achieve incredible things.




Bianka, born in Bulgaria, is a renowned World and European Champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Her sports achievements include nine gold World medals, five gold European medals, and two gold medals from World Cup. She is also a Guinness record holder for excellent performance on all apparatus exercises in the 1987 World Championship.

Bianka has been living and working in five different European countries before finally settling in Singapore. Her professional experience ranges from being a Head Coach of RG clubs in Italy and Belgium, to the National Coach and Consultant for RG teams in Switzerland, Spain and UK. She was also selected as an International Judge for FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) between the years of 1996 and 2000. In 2015, Bianka relocated to Singapore and together with Ms. Daniela co-founded the academy with the shared vision of developing RG world-class platform in Singapore for young and upcoming gymnast talents.

Her other hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, and dancing. In 2013, Bianka published her first book “In The Name Of The Great Goal – Behind the Scenes” which is a book based on her fascinating life story as a young gymnast celebrating few euphoric moments as well as facing an incredibly challenging growing pains. It was definitely not an easy journey but as Bianka always says: “I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart for everything that happened to me”.




Yuvaraj Turiahdassu joins the team at Bianka Panova Sport & Art Academy as Strength and Conditioning Instructor from July 2018 onwards. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, having worked with children, sedentary individuals and the elderly, Yuvaraj has also coached elite athletes to perform their best at races they compete in. He specializes in sports performance and injury rehabilitation, and has worked with world-class athletes in endurance sports. Yuvaraj is also adept at conducting health and fitness workshops for the public, media, and even companies for team-building activities.

Sharing the Academy’s vision of creating world-class rhythmic gymnasts and putting them on the international stage, Yuvaraj believes his expertise will complement that vision, and make it a reality in the near future. To achieve that, he will be designing workouts and training programs to enhance the athletes’ potential, strengthening their weaknesses, and optimizing their strengths, while ensuring the athletes are having fun as well.

Born and living in Singapore his whole life, Yuvaraj used to be a Captain with the Singapore Armed Forces before leaving the regiment to pursue his passion in sports performance. A certified clinical orthopedic manual therapist, and certified functional trainer and master rehabilitation specialist, Yuvaraj believes constant learning is key to personal development. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Sciences, as well as a Post-Grad Diploma in Sports Science, and a Diploma in Biotechnology.

When he’s not training his athletes, Yuvaraj, who is an animal lover and a vegetarian, is a competitive triathlete and a Latin dancer.




Sawako was born in Japan and in 2009 she relocated to Singapore to further her career. She holds a degree in Physical Education from Tokyo Women’s College of Physical Education, Japan. She is also certified as a national level judge under Singapore Gymnastics.

Sawako has 10 years’ experience working internationally as a Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach in several gymnastics companies and schools. When she found out that Bianka Panova, her youth idol, choose to open an academy in Singapore, she was genuinely excited. At the beginning she was hesitant to approach Bianka, but after meeting her in person she was even more eager to join the Academy with a clear purpose to learn and work alongside Bianka.

In her free time, Sawako enjoys watching movies, reading books, visiting the zoo, and watching circus, ballet and musicals.




Anita was born in Singapore and has been living in Singapore all her life. She holds an International Diploma in Business Management and able to converse in many different languages - English, Mandarin, Malay and Hindi.

Anita has been in the customer service line for the last 10 years, working in various industries such as hospitality, beauty and wellness, and office space solutions. She has won silver and gold service excellence awards by the Singapore Hotel Association for going the extra mile for clients in the years of 2014 and 2015. Anita joined the academy thrilled with the opportunity to work in a world-class environment catered to children. She believes that providing a superior service is essential in order to stand out in today’s business environment. Providing exceptional customer service is second nature to her and exceeding expectations gives her a great sense of intrinsic satisfaction.

In her free time, Anita enjoys watching movies and travelling. Anita believes that travelling opens the mind for one's personal development and learning different cultures as the famous travel quote says: “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” She also loves long walks by the beach, hearing the waves crash, and having time for self-reflection.




Xuan is an actor, movement artist, and theatre-maker who have lived in Singapore her whole life. She graduated BA Acting from LASALLE College of The Arts and carries this as she joins the Bianka Panova Academy team for our work culture, which also trickles down to our brand of education – one that emphasizes on holistic development for girls – which aligns with her own beliefs.

She has worked with various theatre companies such as Cake Theatrical Productions, Singapore Repertory Theatre, Patch and Punnet, Theatreworks, Generasia and PLAYinc. She has also performed for regional and international festivals such as the New Prague Dance Festival, The O.P.E.N as part of Singapore International Festival for the Arts and Asia-Pacific Bureau Theatre Schools Festival and Directors Conference.

Xuan also acts for the screen. She has done short films, commercials and web-series. Most recently, she is part of the main cast of One Take by NSFTV, helmed by the creators at Hummingbird Co, playing the role of Alicia. Also, she plays the leading role in A Waking, a film by Clare Chong (Hei Studios), which had its world premiere in Singapore Shorts ’19, and has travelled and is still travelling to many festivals around the world.

She is also the Co-Founder of the art collective, Hole In The Wall - @holeitw and when she’s not acting, she loves to dance, read, and explore a wide array of films.

Aside from the abovementioned, Xuan is trained and is still training in the first form of martial art in the world – Kalaripayattu.




Justin was born in Victoria Australia, but has lived in Romania, Czech Republic, and Singapore since then. He has completed his Advanced Diploma in Arts (Classical Dance) at the National Theatre Ballet School in Australia.

Justin’s impressive work experience includes working with a variety of Ballet Companies around the world, including Melbourne City Ballet (Australia), Teatrul De Balet Sibiu (Romania), Národní Moravskoslezské Divadlo (Czech Republic), and currently dancing with Singapore Dance Theatre (Singapore).

Justin is enthusiastic about joining the Academy because working alongside inspiring, dedicated, and like-minded people drives him to be better. In fact, he is already a certified coach under Bianka Panova Academy’s own RG coaching program—which is designed to consistently deliver world class standards—and he is excited to be able to share his knowledge with the girls of the Academy.

Aside from his obvious passion for ballet and dance, Justin enjoys yoga, pilates, traveling the world, and café exploring. On his days off, he likes spending time alone but the day must be full of some activities!




Aileen is a Singaporean with commendable experience in working with children. Currently enroute to obtaining her Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education, she is equipped with the knowledge to guide the gymnasts with proper techniques and teaching methods, ensuring that the gymnasts are provided lessons according to their developmental needs.

Aileen has served as an indoor crew member with PLAYtopia where she enjoyed engaging with young children of different races and culture. She was also an ex-gymnast of Bianka Panova Academy for 3 years. Her enduring passion for Rhythmic Gymnastics motivated and inspired her to get certified by the Bianka Panova Academy RG coaching program and then finally join the Academy as an Assistant Coach.

In her spare time, Aileen enjoys working out and engaging in meaningful interactions with children. Aileen also practices archery and won numerous competitions like Singapore Youth Olympic Festival and Singapore National Games.




Juliana is a Singaporean holding degrees in Acting from LASALLE College of Arts, and Applied Drama & Psychology from Singapore Polytechnic. She has been sharing her expertise in speech and drama since 2014 while also being a stage, film, and voice actor on the side.

With her background on the sport of rowing, she understands and empathizes with the gymnasts and the rigor that goes into training. So, she is excited to join the Academy to utilize what she’s learned from the Bianka Panova Academy RG coaching program, and use her passion for drama and the arts in holistic development as a tool to empower and teach other disciplines such as sports, humanities, and sciences.

Juliana is looking forward to use her own personal experience in helping the girls execute their performances in an artistic way, and to fully develop their emotional intelligence by building their confidence and concentration..

MS. An-Jian Ong Garcia

Customer Service

BPSAA MS. An-Jian Ong Garcia

An-Jian is a Singaporean by birth, and since then has lived and traveled to Mexico and the United States of America to collect experiences by providing her services to reception and administration segments of educational institutions in the abovementioned countries, armed with her Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Theology and Practical Ministry.

While working as a part-time Teacher's Assistant for Kindergarteners, An-jian has developed an interest in childhood education. Her passion lies in education and how it impacts children's development, knowledge, and most importantly character.

She is very excited to join our team at the Bianka Panova Academy because she wants to be a part of a community that believes in developing students' physical and mental abilities without forgetting about character formation and wellbeing.

When An-Jian is not doing customer service work, she's reading, hiking, or enjoying nature. She even dances as a part of a Mexican Folkore group in her spare time. Being half-Chinese and half-Mexican, she also loves learning different countries, cultures, and their history.



BPSAA MR. Cao Ngoc Tuan

Cao Ngoc Tuan is born and raised in Vietnam where he eventually stared working in Hanoi. This is where he completed his Advanced Diploma, the first of his many art-inclined education. Among other things, he also has Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance completed in Hong Kong, International Creative Dance Seminar in Beijing, and East Asia Network Exchange Programme in Japan.

Tuan Cao has an extensive background in arts. He has worked with the National Ballet Theatre in Vietnam, as well as a full-time Ballet Instructor and Choreographer at the Ballet and Music Company. He then went on to utulize this background in dance and arts to create excercises for different nursing home centres around Singapore under the Agency for Integrated Care, programmed to help caregivers and seniors.

Tuan Cao loves movies, sports, and exploring new activities, so in 2015, after graduating from Hong Kong, when he was invited to join the Singapore Contemporary Dance Company as a Senior Movement Artist, he took the opportunity. This brought him to Singapore. Presently, he joins our team at the Bianka Panova Academy, where he is now excited to share his expertise as our Ballet Choreographer.