Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need To Know

How do I pay for the BPSAA classes?

All payments are done at our academy.

Can my child attend a Trial Class?

Yes, we believe that children should attend a trial class before committing to the full term. To book a trial class (subject to availability), simply register here: our pre-register page.

What are the classes available?

You can find a list of all our class levels at Programs. Our coach will assign your child to the group most suitable for her growth based on their professional evaluation.

Where are your classes held?

Training for all groups will take place in our academy. Our address is 2 Bukit Merah Central, #02-03, Singapore 159835. For more directions, check out our contact us page.

Can parents watch?

Due to current health-safety restrictions, please note that parents are not allowed to wait inside the BPA premises. Please assist to drop off and pick-up your child at the lift lobby only. We do not encourage students to wait outside the building for security reasons.

What attire should my child wear for class?

The BPA uniform and RG half-shoes are required for all training sessions and they are available for purchase at the academy. For those attending assessment class the following items are required: fitted leggings, fitted t-shirt, and socks.

The reason is because they are required to purchase 1 set, not that we provide one upon enrollment.

How does rhythmic gymnastics differ from artistic gymnastics?

Rhythmic gymnastics is a women-only sport, while artistic gymnastics can be performed by both male and female. Aside from that, rhythmic gymnastics involves music and the use of dynamic props (e.g., ribbons, balls, hoops, etc.), while artistic gymnastics is not accompanied by music and involves the use of static props (e.g., beams, vaults, bars, etc.). Also in rhythmic gymnastics there is an art aspect while artistic gymnastics is more on the sportive aspect. Both are very good sports. The difference is that rhythmic gymnastics is more feminine.

For an in-depth explanation of rhythmic gymnastics, read our article here.

Is there an age limit? Is it too late or early to start at my child’s age?

We work with students aged 4 and above, at all levels. However, currently we do not have lessons for adults. For adults or private lessons, do drop us an email at and we will keep you informed once available. We believe it is never too late to start doing any kind of sports.

Can my daughter do rhythmic gymnastics for fun and fitness or will she be required to compete?

Here at BPSAA, we focus on the girls’ growth and development. We hope to see all our girls improve and everyone has a chance to advance to the next level. Our aim is for the girls to enjoy themselves during classes and at the same time able to learn to be disciplined and further sharpen their rhythmic gymnastics skills.

We believe rhythmic gymnastics can be a rewarding experience at all levels of involvement. We encourage interested girls to explore the option of competing if it appeals to them.

Need to know more? Read our Terms and Conditions as well!

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