Bianka Panova Academy Wins 11 Awards at Melbourne Competition

Five young athletes from a Singapore rhythmic gymnastics school, Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy (BPSAA), bagged a total of 11 awards under the Junior, Sub-Junior and Stage 2 categories in the Prahran Invitational 2018 held on February 24-25 in Melbourne, Australia.

Under the Junior category, 12-year- old Low Yu Yenn won two silver medals for her Ribbon and Clubs routines. In the sub-Junior category, Annan Pan (10 years old) and Maeve Teo (10 years old) were awarded gold also for Ribbon and Clubs.

Separately, in the Stage 2 category, Ayala Michaely (8 years old) bagged 4 gold medals, each for Rope, Ball, Ribbon, and Clubs, while Sarah Chan (8 years old) was awarded a Bronze medal for Rope.

As many as 70 girls aged between 7 and 15 years from 11 clubs and academies participated in the competition, predominantly from Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

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“We are extremely proud of our girls. Regardless of the medals, these competitions serve as a learning environment for our young athletes to meet with and learn from others of different backgrounds,” says Head Coach Ms Bianka Panova.

“Since the Academy’s inception, we have participated in several international competitions, representing Singapore on the world stage, and our students have achieved great success in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Germany and the Netherlands. This is just the first short chapter of our long journey in Singapore,” says Ms Daniela Michaely, the co-founder of the academy.

Last month, Ms Panova, also the academy’s co-Founder and creative Director, won the Coach of the Year (Rhythmic Gymnastics High Performance) Award while 11-year old Pan Annan, also from BPSAA took home the National Athlete Award (Rhythmic Gymnastics) at the 2018 Singapore Gymnastics Annual Awards.

About Bianka Panova Academy (BPSAA):

The Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy was founded in 2015 in Singapore with a mission of providing the highest levels of artistic and professional gymnastics training to young upcoming talent. Ms Panova is a nine-time World Champion in rhythmic gymnastics. To date, BPSAA has participated in 11 global competitions and has earned 31 gold medals, 33 silver medals, and 20 bronze medals.

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