Bianka Panova Academy Bags 11 Awards at Singapore’s NCS 2018

Singapore, April 2—Rhythmic gymnastics school Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy (BPSAA) took home 5 Gold, 3 Silver, and 3 Bronze awards at the Singapore National Championships 2018 (NCS 2018) held on March 14-17.

Notably, Miss Low Yu Yenn (12-years-old) won first place at the International Junior Level (13- to 15-year olds).

“It gets better and better with every competition. We are very proud of our rhythmic gymnasts and we look forward to training more aspiring young athletes to become better in this discipline. At BPSAA, we not only teach our students to become competitive, but also to embrace rhythmic gymnastics as a passion,” says co-founder Daniela Michaely.

Eighteen students from BPSAA competed against more than 40 gymnasts at the NCS 2018. Besides the International Junior Level (13- to 15-year old), BPSAA gymnasts participated in the Stage 3 Level competition for two age groups—10 years old and under and 12 years old and under.

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Last year, two gymnasts from BPSAA snatched the top award and the runner-up award at the Stage 3 Level, which is equivalent to the international level for 12 years old and under.

“More than these awards, we are exhilarated to see our young gymnasts grow as individuals. We have competed in both local and international events for rhythmic gymnastics, and this exposure allows our students to learn more about other cultures and become more adaptable. We are excited about our gymnasts becoming more visible on the global stage,” says Creative Director and Head Coach Bianka Panova.

Earlier this year, Ms. Panova won the Coach of the Year (Rhythmic Gymnastics High Performance) Award while 11-year old Pan Annan, also from BPSAA, took home the National Athlete Award (Rhythmic Gymnastics) at the 2018 Singapore Gymnastics Annual Awards.

About Bianka Panova Academy (BPSAA):

The Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy was founded in 2015 in Singapore with a mission of providing the highest levels of professional rhythmic gymnastics training to young upcoming talent. Ms Panova is a nine-time World Champion in rhythmic gymnastics. To date, BPSAA has participated in 11 global competitions and has earned 36 gold medals, 36 silver medals, and 23 bronze medals.

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