Bianka Panova Academy Achieves Goals at NCS 2021

SINGAPORE, 05 MAY, 2021—The Singaporean school for rhythmic gymnastics, Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy (BPSAA) bagged a total of 11 medals in both individual and team categories at the National Championships Gymnastics 2021 (NCS).

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the championship was held at the Bishan Sports Hall from 17th to 21st of March 2021 and gymnasts from various gymnastics school throughout the country joined the event.

Bianka Panova Academy successfully bagged 8 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medal in both individual and team categories.

For individuals, Eden Joy Lee is 1st place in All-Around Stage 1 - 10yrs category. Remi Meyer-Rochow is 2nd place in All-Around Stage 1 – 9yrs category, while Reanne Liew-Jamuar is 2nd place in All-Around Stage 2 – 8yrs category.

For individuals Stage 2 category, Rhea Dhaliwall is All-Around 1st place for 10-year-olds and Neina KawaBata Goldberg is All-Around 3rd place for 11 to 12-year-olds. And for Stage 3, our Sophia Vatchkova is 1st place All-Around.

In Team category, Bianka Panova Academy earned five (5) 1st Places and claimed several Places in various Age Groups. Jade Tan, Anne Tan Wen Hsin, and Sophia Janine Lim are gold medalists for Level 6 Team. Kiara Mae Wong, Neina KawaBata Goldberg, and Remi Meyer-Rochow are also gold medalists for Stage 2 Team category.

Meanwhile, our little ones: Zhi Qing, Eri, Baby, Ella-Sia, Elyse, Emily, Sarah, Lily, Leah, Deirdre, and Rebecca are already making names by being 1st, 4th, 5th, and 7th placers for Stage 1 Team. Audrey Tay Wei En, Kar Yee Teoh, Jemma Lim Rui Qi are also 1st and 5th places for Stage 1 Team. At 6th and 8th places for same category are Reanne Liew-Jamuar, Gulnar Kaur, Tiffany Beth Lim, Clara Chan Wei Shan, Irina Tan Gueorguieva, Leia Pang, Lovette Tan Yue Ning, and Clara Wong

For our older girls at Stage 3 Team, Ayala Michaely, Mirabelle Yet Yu Chelle, Sarah Chan, and Sophia Vatchkova naturally bags 1st Place All-around with their collective efforts. On the other hand, our FIG Juniors Maeve Teo, Pan Annan, and Isabelle Lai made notable and memorable performances that captured people’s hearts.

The 2021 event was a success after the cancellation of Singapore Gymnastics National Championships 2020 due to coronavirus pandemic.

About Bianka Panova Academy (BPSAA):

The Bianka Panova Sport and Art Acaemy was founded in 2015 in Singapore with a mission of providing the highest levels of professional rhythmic gymnastics training to young upcoming talent. Ms. Panova is a nine-time World Champion in rhythmic gymnastics. To date, BPSAA has participated in 12 global competitions and has earned 60 gold medals, 64 silver medals, and 51 bronze medals.

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