What Triggers Compulsive Exercise

In a physically-challenging and competitive sport like gymnastics, compulsive training and exercising is often one of the most common problems that is encountered within the sport. With the existence of many prominent and well-trained athletes, most of the budding gymnasts and sports newcomers feel very pressured to train as hard as possible to catch up with the best gymnasts.

The fact that there are a lot of well-trained gymnasts all over the world drives the athletes to train even harder in order for them to catch up with the most prominent athletes. They often push themselves beyond their limits in order to further improve themselves and to break past through their weaknesses.

Everyone of us knows what are the benefits of exercise, it helps us have a stronger and fitter body, bigger and more toned muscles, lower your body fat, help with your mental fitness, and allows you to live a healthier lifestyle.


While hard work and rigorous training often lead the athletes on the right track for success in the future, they should also consider what most people call as “too much of a good thing.”

Hard work and training, when done correctly, can help the athletes on their journey for success and improvement. However, when done obsessively, it can cause more harm than good and it may appear as counterproductive in the athlete’s actual goals.

Oftentimes, compulsive and excessive training can hinder an athlete’s training progress instead of helping him achieve his fitness goals. Say for example, because of the strong desire to get past ahead their rivals, they often sacrifice their time to rest just to be able to train longer and harder.

What Causes a Compulsive Behavior in the Sport?

Strong Desire for Success

In a competitive sport such as gymnastics, the pressure to reach the podium is serious, and everyone is doing their very best to reach the top of the pinnacle. That fact alone adds up even more pressure, which leads the athletes to train even harder in order to catch up in the sport.

As a competitive athlete, it is their utmost desire to achieve success in their sport, so it is just normal for them to push themselves harder in order to attain new heights in gymnastics.


Sports Can Be Addictive

Engaging in any kind of physical activity, particularly pertaining to sports, helps most athletes feel good and be more relaxed. Performing any kind of physical activities triggers the release of “feel-good hormones” called endorphins, which helps the athletes feel more confident and feel better about themselves. This kind of feeling is addictive, and that is what push many athletes to train even more harder.

Despite the importance of hard work and training in the success of the gymnastics athletes, that alone would not suffice in trying to achieve success in the sport. The importance of rest and proper nutrition should also be emphasized.

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