What is Rhythmic Gymnastics

When people hear the word “gymnastics”, the first thing that comes to their mind is the artistic gymnastics. We can’t blame them though. Artistic gymnastics is widely popular among sport fanatics, and is recognized as one of the most popular sport in the Olympic Games.

"When you say you do rhythmic gymnastics, people block the 'rhythmic' part," said Kris Shaldybin, an 18-year-old American rhythmic gymnast "They're like, 'Oh, do you like the beam?'"

In a world filled with artistic gymnastics fans, rhythmic gymnastics barely gets any attention. Worse, some people don’t even know what rhythmic gymnastics is. There comes the purpose of this article. Let us give you a brief background of what rhythmic gymnastics is.

Rhythmic Gymnast using a ribbon as her apparatus

Rhythmic gymnastics is a gymnastics discipline that integrates the elements of ballet, dance, gymnastics, acrobatic movements and apparatus manipulation. Unlike artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics athletes don’t perform “on” the apparatus, but rather perform “with” the apparatus. Artistic gymnasts use apparatuses such as beam, vault, pommel horse, rings and bars. In comparison, the apparatus used in rhythmic gymnasts is the ribbon, hoop, rope, clubs and the ball (however, the use of rope was discontinued for seniors). Both gymnastics disciplines can also be performed without the use of any apparatus, also known as the “floor routine.”

Rhythmic gymnastics routines are performed either individually or by group of five or more people. Each of the group members can perform with the use of one or two pieces of apparatus, and they have to integrate their routines and toss their equipments with each other. The group will have to execute two routines with different combinations of apparatus. In the Olympics, the group will have to perform with five ribbons in their first routine and with two hoops and six clubs in the other routine. The gymnasts earn their points based on the difficulty of their routines and the execution and artistry of their performance.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus

Like artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics is also governed by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). It is also a part of the Olympic programme. However, unlike in artistic gymnastics, only female athletes can compete in the Olympic Games.

Today, rhythmic gymnastics is gradually gaining popularity among sports fans as it was proved to be a fun and challenging sport. Taking part in the sport was proved to develop ones’ flexibility, balance, coordination and grace. This sport is perfect for female athletes, especially those who want to develop these kind of skills.

Just like any other sport, years of persistence, hard work and passion in the sport is required to be a great rhythmic gymnast. It may seem difficult to do, but the lifelong physical and mental benefits one can get from rhythmic gymnastics makes it all worth it! :)

Gymnast performs using hoop apparatus

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