What Is A Winner’s Attitude

Ever since the Grand Prix series has begun in Moscow, it has been to three more other places—Kiev, Thiais, and Marbella. In most of these stops, Dina Averina has shone with her grace in dancing and amazing rhythmic gymnastics talents. If we are all in an academic class with her, she would look like the nerdy kid who’s always perfect in exams and always on top of the honor roll. That’s how great she is, especially with the new Code of Points.

Averina has collected more gold medals than anyone in the competition. How does she, and all other legendary gymnasts before her, do it? The physical aspect is one half of the whole, and the other is the mind. Even if an athlete is in her best physical shape, she can’t succeed without an even better state of the mind.

Dina Averina

The competition world, for all athletes of all kinds of sports, is like an endless loop of struggles. There are dangers of an injury, the fear of not being good enough, the trouble of not having a strict diet, or the fear of not being able to get back up and fight again when they fall. The insecurities is what mainly cripples an athlete, especially because the basis of a great athlete is based on her medals or trophies. Some people are okay if they lost as long as they met some of their goals, but a really competitive athlete is going to be embarrassed by a bronze.

Take it from Wendy Bruce Martin, a member of the USA 1992 Olympic team and five times national team member who is now a gymnastics and mental coach. In one of her articles, she talked about dreaming to be in the Olympic team and once she achieved that, she dreamt about hitting all her routines. She did those two goals successfully, and as a bonus her team was rewarded a bronze. She was ecstatic about it at first because it was a bronze and it was better than nothing, but soon enough she started to feel that it was JUST a bronze.

After her team’s win, Wendy was introduced into the real world that people only cared about the gold and that a bronze in the eyes of the society is pretty much a loss. No agent or marketing agencies wanted to get associated with a bronze-medalist.

Wendy said it amazingly, “Our society makes it clear that the only thing we care about is first place. When someone trains their entire life and becomes the second best athlete on the Earth, the TV commentators, newspaper reporters, and even those in our own sport tear them down and moan and groan about how they just lost it all.”

Sadly, this is the fact for a lot of athletes especially if they are just starting in their sports. People would tear them down and belittle them despite all their hard efforts, but a really strong athlete wouldn’t let this get in their way to the top. Instead, they would turn it around and use it as motivation to do better.

Winner's Attitude

If one wants to be a winner, all they have to do is make a promise to themselves—a promise to never give up and never quit no matter the hardships until they reach their goals. There would surely be a lot of challengers and failures, but a strong-minded athlete wouldn’t think of it as a failure. Instead, they would use their failures as teaching factors in which they can learn to improve based on. In a winner’s mind they don’t lose, because the real failure is when they give up.

In reality, no one can hold an athlete back but themselves. They would not let the oppressors afflict them. As long as they have a goal and they believe they can reach it, they will. So much like Dina Averina who is making such a huge name in rhythmic gymnastics right now. She was in the shadows of those bigger than her not more than a few months ago, but now she is hogging the spotlight. The lesson is just to never give up.

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