The Right Fitness Activities For Preschoolers

By the time your child reaches the age of three to five years old, he/she has probably developed most of the basic physical skills such as walking, running, jumping and such. At this age, kids are probably at their most energetic and active phase of their lives, so this is the perfect time to introduce them to fitness activities so they can make the most out of their pent-up playfulness.

Kids falling in this age group have a lot of chances to engage in various physical activities that could hone their physical abilities. Allowing them to participate in such activities can help them improve their physical skills, build self-esteem, improve their physical fitness, and improve their immunity for certain illnesses.

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How Much Physical Activity Should A Preschooler Have

Kids who are three to five years old should get at least an hour of structured physical activity, in which they are guided by an adult or a trained professional and an hour of unstructured physical activity, wherein they are allowed to play in their own way.

Also, as much as possible, you should not let your kids stay inactive for more than an hour at a time as this may lead to decreased physical fitness. Limit the time they spend on video games and encourage them to spend their free time outdoors.

Encouraging them to engage in sports or physical activities at a young age can be help them to become fitter and healthier in the future, as the habits formed during childhood are often carried by the child through adulthood.

It is also important to recognize which activities your child is able to handle. The activities they are participating in should be fun and challenging, but it should not be beyond their abilities.

Most parents who want to make their preschoolers more physically active might want to introduce their child to organized sports. However, at such an early age as this, preschoolers usually have not yet mastered even the basic skills such as throwing, catching and taking turns. They also have trouble understanding even the simplest rules and instructions, so organized sports might not work well for them. It is important to introduce them to a sport that can teach them the basic skills, to prepare them for future sports participation.

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You should observe your child to learn what kind of activities he/she enjoys the most. For example, if you see that your child is blessed with an amazing flexibility and loves to tumble on every bed in your house, then you should probably sign him/her up to a non-competitive gymnastics school that can help them to further develop their skills.

You should make sure that the activity your child is participating in is the thing they truly enjoy. Forcing them to engage in activities which they do not enjoy could end up frustrating them and discourage them from participating in any kind of sport or physical activity.

No matter what kind of physical activity or sport they choose, you must ensure that they are having fun doing it. If they don’t find the sport or the activity fun, you must ask them and try to address the issue or better yet, encourage them to participate in another kind of sport or physical activity.

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