Effect of Sports on Child’s Self Esteem

Having a strong self-esteem is a very important quality a child should possess. A strong sense of self-worth will serve as the child’s ultimate weapon against the challenges of the world. Kids who know their strengths and weaknesses and feels good about their own selves are known to handle conflicts much easier and are not easily distracted by pressure and negative thoughts. These kids are optimistic, they often look more on the positive aspect of life instead of the bad ones, which makes them happier in general and lets them enjoy life.

Confident Kids

On the contrary, kids who lack this kind of self-esteem often experience difficulties in handling challenges in life. They often see life’s challenges as a major source of anxiety and frustration. Those who look down upon themselves have trouble creating solutions to problems. If they start to get occupied of self-critical thoughts such as “I’m not good enough” or “No one will like me”, they may start to become passive, reserved, and depressed. When facing new kinds of problems, their usual response is “I can’t do it.”

Why is Self-Esteem Important?

As mentioned in our previous articles, simply participating in any kind of sport or physical activity can provide countless amounts of benefits to your child’s physical and mental health. One of the benefits your child can enjoy from sports participation is increased self-confidence.

Increased self-worth is a very important quality a child can develop from simply participating in any kind of sport. It is proven that those people who value themselves are often the one who achieves the most success later in life. That is simply because those people who believes in themselves and what they can do are not being hindered by their struggles and difficulties and instead finds the most appropriate solution to their problems. These people do not let their insecurities and fears slow them down.


These people are the ones who live their lives to the fullest. They do not let their fears stop them from achieving what they want to achieve. They trust themselves so much that they believe that they can surpass anything that may come their way. Self-confidence greatly improves the quality of their lives.

In What Way Does Sport Affect One’s Confidence?

Better Body Image

Taking part in sports allows your child to get physically-active on a regular basis. This kind of positive habit allows them to develop a better physical appearance, which greatly helps in boosting their self-confidence.

Achievement Develops a Kid’s Self Confidence

Achieving success in a sport of their choice, like for example, winning a basketball game or a gymnastics competition, helps your child to believe in their own abilities, significantly improving their self-confidence. Even small achievements such as successfully performing a new skill, or beating their own record, helps a child to feel better about themselves.

Sports Achievement Helps Develop Self-Confidence

Sports Participation Creates A Better Social Circle For Your Child

Sending your child to a sports club allows them to be surrounded by sports-oriented individuals, who often possesses positive qualities such as discipline, perseverance, sportsmanship and leadership skills. Allowing your child to get along with these types of people can help him/her to develop these kinds of qualities.

These are just some of the positive effects that your child can get by participating in sports. Sports participation can greatly improve your child’s quality of life, so why don’t you start sending them to a good sports school while they’re still young?

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