How to Motivate Our Distracted Teenagers

Adolescence is commonly interpreted as a lazy age group. Kids on this age group are expected to be moody, distracted, and unmotivated. They would much rather sleep in, play computer games, surf the internet and hangout with their friends.

On close scrutiny, teenagers are not at all lazy. They just prefer doing something they thought is fun for themselves than do something that would be productive for themselves or for us their parents. Very few teenagers completely lack motivation. What many teenagers lack is the motivation to do stuff that doesn’t matter, doesn’t seem important, or is about satisfying an agenda that doesn’t relate to them.

We, as parents, want our children to be active, of course. But how can we do this? Here are some secrets of how we can motivate our children.

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1. Set a goal

-Goals we set for our children have to be achievable and specific. We can’t just give them a goal that is impossible to reach, as every failure to meet it would just depress our children. We also can’t choose this goal for them. Let them choose their major goal, with guidance from us through this choosing process. They can aspire to be fit enough to make the cross-country team, or even be an Olympian. We should also remind them that it is not wrong to dream big, it’s just that the bigger the dream, the more work they need to put into reaching it.

2. Give Incentives

-Our teenagers would lose enthusiasm to meet their goal if we would not help them through it. They might start questioning, “What’s in this for me? I’m not getting anything from this,” if we just let a success pass without acknowledging it. Every success has to be rewarded, so they would be encouraged to do better. This is a basic effort-rewarding process.

3. Not too serious

-It is important that our kids are having fun while achieving their goals. Not everything has to be too serious, but if it’s time for, say, practice, we should be strict. But after that, they should be allowed to do what they want to do, to have fun. This would be a great way to motivate our distracted teenagers.

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4. No pressure

-On some instances that our children failed, because this is not impossible, we should be there to encourage them to stand up and try again. However, not too pushy that they’d feel pressured to succeed. What makes a good parent is our ability to inspire our children without crossing their limit lines. Remember, they are teenagers, and they are moody most of the times.

5. Help them remember

-There would be times that our teenagers are going to be distracted, after all, they are teenagers and their attention spans are sometimes short. Once this happened, we should gently herd them back to their goals, recommit if they slip.

Listed above are just a few ways to motivate our distracted teenagers, the rest we learn on the process of practicing these things. To learn more about how we can help our talented children to reach their goals, follow our official blogs and social media sites. Enroll today at the best sports academy to learn gymnastics in Singapore -- Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy -- and experience the highest quality of gymnastics training and education! :) with us!

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