Exercise Boosts Child’s Ability to Learn, Expert Panels Find

Encouraging your child to participate in physical activities and sports, or simply allowing them to play with their friends during their recess can significantly boost their learning capabilities in the classroom, experts say.

According to the findings of a group of 24 specialists from eight different countries, even just a brief session of a moderately intense physical activity can immediately deliver positive effects on brain function, intellect and academic performance.

Teaching Physical Activity to Kids

The findings they have gathered have been published in a 21-point joint statement published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine Monday.

“Physical activity before, during and after school promotes scholastic performance in children and youth,” the experts said.

The experts from Canada, the United States and Europe studied the structured and unstructured forms of physical activity in children aged 6 to 18.

They have made a conclusion that exercise and cardiorespiratory fitness can positively affect the brain development and function of the children. They also concluded that the physical activities done before, during and after school promotes better academic performance.

“Time taken away from academic lessons in favor of physical activity has been shown to not come at the expense of scholastic performance in children and youth,” they say.

Attentive Smart Kids

The experts support the idea of better provision of parks, playgrounds and bike lanes, insisting that any kind of physical activity, whether it’s mild or rigorous exercise, can deliver positive effects for both physical and mental development of children.

As they age, their healthy and positive habits can help them prevent the risk factors associated with heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, experts say.

Regularly participating in sports or physical activity is also closely linked with increased self-confidence, body image and motivation, and it also helps to enhance one’s overall well-being and creativity. Also, being a part of a group fitness program can help build stronger relationships with peers and adults.

Their findings have been published in this site.

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