Averina Defeats Grand Prix Thiais 2017 Competitions

Russian gymnast and probably the world’s current favorite rhythmic gymnast Dina Averina finished another Grand Prix with, once again, the most number of gold medals—three out of four events—as well as being the All-Around champion! The Grand Prix Thiais 2017 started on March 25 for the qualification and lasted until the 26th for the finals.

Before the first day of the competition, some of the gymnasts previously announced to be attending the event were broadcasted to be forfeited due to health issues or injuries. They are Austian Nicol Ruptecht, Israeli Linoy Ashram, Japanese Kaho Minagawa, Russian Arina Averina and Alexandra Soldatova, and Ukrainian Ganna Rizatdinova. The day before the beginning of the Grand Prix seemed to be a qualification event in itself. Some of those forfeited to compete were sole representatives of their countries, like Azerbaijan’s Marina Durunda who had to withdraw because of a hand injury she suffered during the training.

Dina Averina Grand Prix Thiais 2017

At the All-Around competition, as mentioned, Averina once again took the highest podium, followed by Belarus’ Katsiaryna Galkina and own compatriot Yulia Bravikova, who was the silver medalist in the previous Grand Prix in Kiev. Kseniya Moustafaeva from France was on fourth, Belarusian Alina Harnasko on fifth and Ukrainian Viktoria Mazur on sixth.

The Russians, despite having two of their teammates forfeited, continued on to dominate the individual apparatus competition. Averina was gold on hoop with a score of 19.350, on ball with an 18.900, and on clubs with an outstanding 19.400. She took silver on ribbon with a 17.600, behind her teammate Bravikova who scored an 18.550. Bravikova is also silver on hoop with a 19.150 and on clubs with a score of 18.300. Conversely, she is bronze on ball with 17.550.

Moustafaeva was bronze on hoop and ribbon, with scores of 18.300 and 17.050 respectively. Mazur stole the silver on ball with a 18.650, and behind the Russians on clubs was Harnasko, bronze with 18.200.

Elsewhere, at the group All-Around competitions, Italy’s senior group wowed the crowd with an awesome performance that made them win their well-deserved gold. Some spectators thought they showed great promises despite it still being early in the season.

Italy Senior Group Grand Prix Thiais

Next to Italy’s senior group on the All-Around was Azerbaijan’s team who took the silver while Ukraine won the bronze. Despite being second to Italy, Azerbaijan took over the next group competitions ahead of them. At the 3 Balls and 2 Ropes, Azerbaijan was gold with 18.650 while Italy and Ukraine had 17.900 and 17.700 respectively. At the 5 Hoops group competition, Azerbaijan was once again gold for their score of 18.600, Italy was silver with 18.550 and USA was bronze with 16.350.

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