Singapore Gymnastics debuts two Rhythmic Gymnasts from Bianka Panova Academy at the 18th Asian Junior Championships 2022

After an intense selection process, the Singapore Gymnastics built their 7-gymnasts team to represent Singapore in the 18th Junior Asian Championship and 13th Senior Asian Championship for rhythmic gymnastics, organised by Asian Gymnastics Union, at Pattaya, Thailand, on 23-26 June 2022.

Among the chosen ones were National Training Centre’s Kaitlyn Joy Chia, Sophia Ho, Mikayla Yang, and Amelyn Sng, and Releve RG Academy’s Katelin Heng. To complete the team, Maeve Teo and Annan Pan from Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy (BPA) made their international debut with their ribbon and club routines respectively.

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Teo came in 5th place in the Finals for Ribbon, while Pan finished in 9th place for the Clubs routine during Qualifiers. This competition has served as yet another milestone in their journey toward becoming international competitive gymnasts.

Accompanying Teo and Pan on their first major international game, is Coach Bianka Panova (BUL), the 9-time World Champion and Olympian. Based in Singapore, Coach Bianka considers Singapore as her second home. She shares her wisdom on slow perfection: a gymnast should “put efforts, be truthful to themselves, do their best under pressure, and have fun in the gym.” She believes that athletes have to embody resilience, hard work, passion and intelligence to endure the long and gruelling training. To her, the most important value to transmit to gymnasts is to be happy and enjoy the sport.

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Teo and Pan, age 15, have been under the tutelage of Coach Bianka for six to eight years since the founding of BPA. They have trained rigorously for about 25 hours a week and competed in over 30 national and international competitions. Both of them are also qualified for the Singapore National Squad 2022/23, after coming in Top 16 during National Championships 2022. Besides Rhythmic Gymnastics, Teo and Pan, who are currently studying in Raffles Girls School, maintain a good balance between academics and other after-school engagements.

About Bianka Panova Academy (BPSAA):
With Rhythmic Gymnastics being a growing sport in Singapore and around the world, it is BPA’s great honour to train these talented girls to bring glory to their beloved country of Singapore. Since 2015, BPA has worked to contribute to the long-term development of Singaporean gymnasts and to empower girls to achieve their full potential through the sport. The time and effort invested in the sport and community remain a crucial step in the development of youth in Singapore toward achievements in international competitions.

BPA, in collaboration with Sport SG, will be organising an inaugural Singapore International Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2022 (SIRGC) from 16-19 December 2022. With the ambition of bringing the sport to the national and international stage, the SIRGC will be a cornerstone event featuring local and international gymnasts. Accompanying the competition are performances, talks, games, workshops and masterclasses by the guests-of-honour Olympic Gold Medallist Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Group, who will be coming to Singapore for the first time.

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