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• How do I pay for the BPSAA classes?

All payments are made in our office.

• Can my child attend a Trial/Tester Class?

Yes, we believe that children should try a class before committing to the full term. To book a trial class, just register here

trial class.

• How can I find the right class for my child?

You will find a full list of all of our classes, locations, age groups and days of the week. Likewise you can consult with our coach.

• Where are your classes held?

Training for all groups will take place in 2 Bukit Merah  Central #01-07 (the training area), #02-03 (common  and waiting area).

• Can parents watch?

Parents are welcome to stay and watch the lesson, however if parents do choose to leave, they must come back to the rhythmic area to pick up their child. We do not allow the children to wait for their parents outside the facility due to safety reasons.

• Can we still join your classes after the term has started?

Yes, you can join mid-term as long as we have space for your child in the class. Just contact us at and we will bill you for the remainder of the term - pro rata.

• What does my child wear for class?

Each class requires different attire, you can participate in the class that you are interested with and you will be provided with all the information you need.

• How does rhythmic gymnastics differ from artistic gymnastics?

Rhythmic gymnastics is a women-only sport, while artistic gymnastics can be performed by both male and female. Aside from that, rhythmic gymnastics involves music and the use of dynamic props (e.g., ribbons, balls, hoops, etc.), while artistic gymnastics is not accompanied by music and involves the use of static props (e.g., beams, vaults, bars, etc.). Also in rhythmic gymnastic there is an art aspect while artistic gymnastics is more on the sportive aspect. Both are very good sports. The difference is that rhythmic is more feminine.

• Is there an age limit? Is it too late or early to start at my child’s age?

We work with students ages 4 to adults, at all levels. And no its never to late to start.

• Can my daughter do rhythmic gymnastics for fun and fitness or will she be required to compete?

Most of our programs are geared towards recreational participation because we believe rhythmic gymnastics can be a rewarding experience at all levels of involvement.

We encourage interested girls to explore the option of competing if it appeals to them.


"We provide a wide variety of classes tailored to all ages, levels, and interests. Below are links to the descriptions of all the programs that we offer. When the student has her first class, we will evaluate her skill and goals in order to ensure she is placed in the best possible class environment."


+65 6274 3822 / +65 8126 1177


2 Bukit Merah Central

#01-07 (the training area),

#02-03 (common and waiting area),

Singapore 159835


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