Simone Biles Misses Chance to Sweep Five Olympic Gold Medals

Monday was probably the biggest day for the American gymnast, Simone Biles, as she claims the gold medal in the Vault event. That was her third gold medal in Rio, and with two more events left, she could have made a gold medal sweep at the Olympic Games.

After posting a sky-high score at the Vault event on Monday and proving her superiority in the sport, a lot of people have hoped her to be the first female athlete to take home five gold medals in one Olympics. And that was understandable. Simone Biles has been unstoppable at the competition and a historic five gold medal sweep looked well within her reach.

Simone Biles Balance Beam Slip

Unfortunately, the dreams were shattered after the beam event on Monday.

The legendary American artistic gymnast wobbled in the middle of her performance on the Balance Beam event, landing awkwardly after performing a front somersault, having to grab the beam with both hands to regain control.

She eventually recovered and finished her performance on the apparatus. Despite the mistake she made, she still acquired a score good enough to reach the third spot in the podium.

Her score of 14.733 earned her a bronze medal on the balance beam. Netherlands’ Sanne Wevers took the gold medal with a score of 15.466, while USA’s Laurie Hernandez got the silver with 15.333 points.

“I see it as a triumph,” said Simone Biles’ coach, Aimee Boorman. “Besides that error, the rest of the routine was excellent. I can’t even critique it. Sometimes your feet slip.”

Biles Not Disappointed of Winning a Bronze Medal

Simone Biles was already close to winning a historic five-gold-medal sweep at the 2016 Olympic Games on Monday, however, an unfortunate mistake on the balance beam has put that dream to an end.

Simone Biles Bronze Medal

When asked if she was disappointed to settle with just a bronze medal, she immediately said no.

She was more disappointed with the mistake that ruined an otherwise beautiful routine.

“The rest of the routine was still pretty good,” the 19-year-old American gymnast said, “so I can’t be too disappointed in myself.”

“I’m not disappointed in the medal that I received because anyone would love to have a bronze at an Olympic Games,” Biles said. “But I’m disappointed in the routine that I did and not so much the whole entire routine, just the front tuck I guess, because the rest of the routine was still pretty good.”

With three Olympic gold medals and one bronze medal on her hand, there is really no reason to be disappointed with the competition’s outcome. Biles will get another chance to add one more gold medal on her collection on Tuesday. She is scheduled to compete on the Floor event finals, her strongest event.

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