Russian Athletes Cleared for the Rio Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee revealed that a total of 271 Russian athletes have been cleared to participate at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The number of eligible athletes was announced by the president of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov on Thursday. It has been confirmed by the International Olympic Committee in a statement issued in the evening.

Alexander Zhukov

The total number of the Russian athletes who have been cleared for the Rio Olympic Games was more than two-thirds of the country’s original entry list of 389 athletes, which is pretty interesting as Russia has been initially subjected to a blanket ban following the allegations of a state-sponsored doping scheme.

Zhukov himself was delighted with the news, and he said that Russia will have “the cleanest team” at the Olympic Games.

“The Russian team may have experienced the toughest checks of the Olympics, because they had to go through multiple tests and checked,” said Zhukov.

“On top of all that, Russian athletes are going through additional testing which is taking place at the Olympic Village.”

“So, as of now, the Russian team is probably the cleanest in Rio.”

All Russian Gymnasts Permitted to Compete in the Olympics

The International Gymnastics Federation revealed on Thursday that all the 20 athletes entered to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio have been allowed to compete in Rio.

“The International Olympic Committee has approved the 20 gymnasts from the FIG pool of eligible Russian athletes for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games,” said the FIG.

Aliya Mustafina

The list of eligible athletes includes Aliya Mustafina, the historic athlete who took home a total of four Olympic medals at the 2012 Games in London, which includes a gold medal in the Uneven Bars and silver in the Team competition.

However, according to a communication released by the FIG, “The verification procedure for the seven reserve gymnasts is still pending”. It is anticipated that the IOC will reveal its decision at any moment today, August 5.

The gymnastics’ governing body had opposed the initial decision of the IOC to impose a blanket ban on the Russian athletes, due to the accusations of a state-wide doping scheme in the country. Fortunately, the IOC changed its mind, and instead left the decision on the individual sports federations.

The decision of the IOC to allow the gymnastics participants to compete came a day before the Olympics’ opening ceremony. The gymnastics competition will begin on Saturday, August 6.

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