Russia Escapes Total Olympic Ban

It seems like the International Olympic Committee is in favor of the Russian athletes, as it decided not to impose a blanket ban on the Russian athletes despite the reports of state-sponsored doping in the country.

Thomas Bach

The World Anti-Doping Agency has called for the complete ban of the Russian athletes from the Olympic Games this summer, after confirming the reports that the Russian government has covered a state-wide doping scheme that created a huge chaos at the previous Olympic Games. It was revealed that the Russian athletes gained a competitive edge in a lot of sports due to doping. It was also revealed that the Russian government has masked the laboratory results by replacing urine samples, allowing ‘dirty athletes’ to pass the doping tests.

The IOC has received a lot of negative reactions from athletes and the anti-doping groups after it announced its decision not to ban the Russian athletes from the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in August. Instead, the IOC left the fate of the Russian athletes from their respective sports federations. The individual sports’ governing bodies will get to decide if the Russian competitors are “clean” and eligible to participate at the competition.

Dick Pound, the former WADA president who authored the 325-page report that uncovers the alleged state-sponsored doping in Russia last November, said that the International Olympic Committee’s decision has proven that there “was zero tolerance for doping, unless it’s Russia.”

Travis Tygart, the CEO of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said the IOC “refused to take decisive leadership.”

Former UK Athletics president Lynn Davies said the, “IOC has passed the buck.”

Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee said that the decision to refrain from issuing a blanket ban on Russian athletes was due to his concern over the fate of the innocent athletes.

Craig Reedie

Bach said: “you have to be able to look into the eyes of the individual athletes concerned by your decision.”

Instead of imposing a total ban on the Russian athletes, the IOC left the decision on the individual sports federations. The individual international sports federations will have the power to disqualify the athletes from the Olympic Games should the athlete be proven guilty of the doping scheme. For example, the IAAF, the governing body of the international track and field competitions, has already banned a lot of Russian track and field athletes.

The IOC stated it will pay extra attention to the laboratory results of the Russian competitors in Rio.

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