Proper Nutrition for Sports-Oriented Children

Proper Nutrition for Sports-Oriented Children

For a child to play a sport properly, he/she needs to have the proper sports equipment to perform the activity efficiently. Say for example, if your child is into basketball, your child won’t be able to play it without a ball designed for basketball, a nice pair of shoes, and a protective equipment to minimize the risk of injury.

There is one kind of ‘equipment’ every child needs, regardless of the kind of sport they’re playing. And that ‘equipment’ is called proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is essential for active children, to give their bodies the fuel required to perform efficiently.

Active children

It is important that you provide your child with the nutrition he/she needs to keep their energy levels in check. Give them the kind of healthy food their body needs to stay strong and healthy.

Without proper nutrition, their bodies won’t be able to perform efficiently, which will hinder them to excel at the sport of their choice.

Being provided with proper nutrition is very critical for young children, as it is essential for their bodies to develop properly. Since active children are continuously burning their energies in playing sports, it is important to give their bodies the chance to rest and refuel.

So, what kind of nutrition does an active child need to perform properly in the sport of their choice?

Foods Rich in Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate-rich foods are essential to provide your child with the energy they need to play sports in extended periods of time. Foods such as rice, whole wheat bread, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are great sources of this essential macronutrient. Carbohydrates are very important as it comprises more than 50% of your daily macronutrient needs.

A delicious snack for your child

However, you should take note that not all carbohydrate sources are created equal. Simple carbohydrates such as sugar and other sugary foods are inadvisable to consume before a practice or a game. Sugary foods might provide a quick energy boost for children, but it can also subside quickly, leaving children feeling more drained.

Foods Rich in Protein

Protein-rich foods are important for children to maintain healthy levels of muscle mass. In sports, the children’s muscles continuously go through extreme stress, which leaves “micro tears” in the children’s muscles. By letting them consume foods rich in protein, you’re basically allowing your child’s muscles to recover and repair these micro tears, resulting in a healthier and stronger muscles.

Foods such as dairy, meat, fish, eggs and tofu are great sources of this essential macro nutrient.

Foods Rich in Calcium

Consuming foods rich in calcium is very important for growing children to develop healthier and stronger bones. Healthy and strong bones is very important for everyone, especially for sports-oriented children so that they can minimize the risk for fractures and injury when performing physically demanding stunts.

Vitamins and Minerals

This one is pretty obvious. As children grow up and gets even more physically active, their body’s demand for nutrients also increases, so it is just right to provide them with foods that contains the essential vitamins and minerals their bodies need to function properly. This will also improve their body’s immunity against certain sickness and diseases.

Also, to make sure that they are getting the right amount of nutrition, it is important to consult a physician and ask him/her to recommend a good multivitamin supplement for your active child.

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