Olympic Games Boosts Interest in Gymnastics

After displaying outstanding performances at the Olympic Games, the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team has achieved more than just a medal – they also captured the hearts and interests of young people.

Yes, taking home an impressive total of nine Olympic medals might appear as a remarkable feat for some people, but inspiring a lot of young children to try out a sport they are passionate about is definitely more rewarding than getting any amount of awards or medals.

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Earlier this week, the U.S. Women’s national team raked a grand total of nine medals at the gymnastics competition in Rio. Because of their outstanding skills, and the fact that they have been visible on the television all throughout the competition, it is only natural that they inspired a lot of young boys and girls to dream of becoming like them someday.

And that is a great news, not only to the sport of gymnastics, but also to the local gymnastics centers.

According to Portia Propst, an owner of a gymnastics facility in Central Carolina, their gymnastics center gets a 20 percent increase in enrollment every four years.

“In an Olympic year, it really sparks the interest of some girls and boys who have never considered gymnastics before,” Propst said. “The exposure on TV and the Kellogg’s Tour of Champions that is coming to Greensboro, it really gives some of those that may have never thought about gymnastics… In our industry on an Olympic year, you see a huge amount of new kids who just really get interested.”

On a typical season, most gymnastics centers are struggling to keep their businesses afloat, as the interest in the sport of gymnastics is seriously low. In fact, many of the gymnastics start-ups have already shut down over the years, because of low enrollment rate. And only few schools incorporate gymnastics in their sports and physical education programs.

Fortunately, the Summer Olympic Games has its unique way of refueling the interest in the sport of gymnastics, especially when the gymnastics stars, such as USA’s Simone Biles, started to display their unique and world-class routines.

Suddenly, everyone wants to be like them. During the Olympic season, gymnastics centers can see a noticeable increase in parents sending their children to them. According to Darlene Rose, the owner of Rose’s Gymnastics, she anticipates a 15-25 percent increase in the enrollment rate this year, which is not unusual in the sports industry.

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“All of our industry says ‘Rio Ready’; that’s what we’re trying to be right now.” She said. “We expect a surge of interest because every little girl and boy watching the Olympics is saying, ‘I want to do that’ or ‘That looks like fun,’ or ‘I want to try that, Mommy.’”

It is extremely fascinating to see a lot of kids watching their idols and tries to mimic them during the Olympics, it encourages them to dream bigger and inspires them to train harder in the sport.

According to Propst, even though there is a huge spike in gymnastics during the Olympic season, it is more about people enjoying the sport and getting personal satisfaction from themselves.

“Gymnastic is a sport that you can adapt for anyone to feel successful, and that is what it’s all about,” Propst said. “It is very unlikely any of us is going to be on the Olympic team. You can dream that, but it’s pretty unlikely to happen. It is more important to set your own personal goals that you feel excited about. To have each of them leave here with a smile on their face feeling like they have accomplished something.”

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