Gymnasts Of All Olympic Disciplines Prepares For Rio Test Event

The final test event for Gymnastics at the 2016 Rio Games will take place on 16th to 22nd of April, 2016 in the Rio Olympic Arena. With less than a month left before the Olympic Test Event, the names of the gymnasts who will participate in the second and final qualification round of the Rio Games has been announced.

A select number of gymnasts were given the privilege to compete in the Rio Test Event despite being already qualified to the actual Games. Those who are picked can use this as an opportunity to try out the equipments and the ambiance in the Olympic Arena in Barra. The most notable names in Artistic gymnastics are the 2012 Olympic Still Rings gold medalist Arthur Zanetti and World Balance Beam silver medalist Sanne Wevers.

In the Rhythmic Gymnastics discipline, it will be the two Russians who dominated the whole Olympic season in rhythmic gymnastics.

Yana Kudryavtseva

Furthermore, on the Trampoline Gymnastics, Gao Lei and Li Dan -- the reigning World title holders in the said discipline, will also show up in the final Olympic qualifier.

But most importantly, the Aquece Rio Test Event will serve as the final opportunity for the gymnasts to qualify for the Olympic Games in August. The final slots for the Summer Rio Olympics will be at stake in all of the three Olympic gymnastics disciplines. The second qualification round is not accessible for everyone, but only to a few chosen nations and gymnasts based on their standings in the 2015 World Championships.

The competition date was moved as per request of the organizers, in order to cut the duration of the event. After the adjustments were made, the renewed date would be 16th to 18th of April for the Artistic Gymnastics, 19th of April for the Trampoline Gymnastics and 21st to 22nd of April for the Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Artistic Gymnastics

In the Women’s gymnastics, there are still a total of 35 or 36 individual places up for grabs at the Olympic test event, while between 29 to 32 spots are at stake in the Men’s gymnastics. The final count of the individual spots will be determined by the result of the team competition. The medalists from the World Championships last year will automatically qualify for the Olympic Games, but only if their teams would not qualify. If a World medalist’s team acquires a spot in the Test Event, the medalist’s spot will be reattributed.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

A total of 23 individual gymnasts and 7 groups will be competing for the final Olympic spots. One thing is guaranteed, it doesn’t matter how the competition turns out, Brazil will surely have a spot in both the individual and the group event.

Also, because of the theory that there are only nine available spots in the individual event and four for groups, the safest route to finish would be ahead of the Brazilians in order to guarantee a spot for the Olympic Games in August.

Rio Test Event

In the Individual Event, Armenia, Austria, Germany, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Romania, Slovenia and Uzbekistan all have a chance to qualify.

In the Group competition, the battle will be between Uzbekistan, Germany, Azerbaijan, Greece, Finland and South Korea, the latter has been qualified due to the withdrawal of the French team late last year.

Trampoline Gymnastics

13 male gymnast and thirteen female whose countries are not yet qualified will have the chance to claim the final Olympic spots in Trampoline at the Rio Test Event.

It doesn’t matter what happen in the competition, Brazil’s Rafael Andrade will still be granted one of the eight available places in the Men’s Trampoline event in Rio, as the host country is eligible to qualify one male or one female gymnast in the discipline.

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