Choose the Right Power Drink For Young Athletes

Choose the Right Power Drink For Young Athletes

As a parent or a guardian of an athletic kid, it is important for you to watch his liquid intakes to make sure he is properly hydrated. Keeping your kid hydrated is important to keep his health in good condition as well as add more energy to his body that could enhance his performance in his chosen sport.

It is no question that liquids are important to an athlete’s body, but the remaining question is what, out of all the available kinds of drinks, is the best for your young athlete?

The Choices

Everyone needs to stay hydrated to stay healthy, and it wouldn’t be wrong to give your kids plain water. But what about athletic kids? Do they need something extra to avoid dehydration?

It doesn’t necessarily matter if a kid is athletic or not, because the amount of liquid they need only vary depending on the child’s age, weight, intensity of the activity, and weather conditions. However, for a young athlete, it is necessary that during games and competitive events, drinks should be available at all times and regular water breaks should be scheduled about every 15 or 20 minutes. Aside from the liquid intakes, it is necessary that kids who play sports should get all the necessary nutrients and hydration by eating healthy foods.

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Sports Drinks

Sports Drink

For an active kid who spend a lot of time doing intense physical activities, this might just be the most obvious option for them. However, sports drinks might be beneficial for kids who participate in prolonged vigorous physical activity lasting longer than an hour, but it is probably not good for casual athletes and should not be consumed on a regular basis.

Sports drinks contain carbohydrates which provide an immediate source of energy at a time, and electrolytes which the body needs to balance fluid levels and for muscles to work properly, also lost through sweat.

This drink so far looks ideal, but it also contains calories, which increase the risk of excess weight gain. If your kid drinks this in moderation, though, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

Most energy drinks has a dose of sugar and caffeine, even as much caffeine as in one to three cups of coffee. Too much sugar can cause cavities and weight gain, while excessive caffeine could cause jitteriness, upset stomach, headache, difficulty concentrating and frequent urination.

It is not advised for young kids to take energy drinks, as kids are smaller than adults and its effects on them will be more obvious.



This is highly not recommended for hydration during sports and should be avoided as much as possible. It contains excess sugar which can lead to weight gain and caffeine which should be limited to children. Also, the carbonation can cause an upset stomach.

Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water

Also known as enhanced water or fitness water, vitamin water comes in many flavors, containing various combinations of supplemental vitamins and minerals. They also, most of the time, has extra calories, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and herbal ingredients not tested on children.

Although it looked like a quick fix to your kid’s diet, it is still advised that kids take their daily needed vitamins and minerals from their food. Drinking vitamin water might not be good for youths, as their labels are measured for adults and not for kids.

There are various drinks that a guardian could let their kids take, however, the most safe source of energy, vitamins and minerals for the young athletes is through proper diet and meals. It is better to convince your kids that they do not need something “extra” to do better at their beloved sports. Kids only need proper diet and enough rest to gain plenty of energy naturally.

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