Baku Prepares for the Final Series of FIG World Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Last weekend, the preparation for the final series of FIG World Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics has started at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The representatives of the involved countries will start travelling to Baku on July 19.

National Gymnastics Arena

The said competition will be held in Azerbaijan’s capital on July 22-24, giving the crowd and sports enthusiasts a chance to witness the strong performances of the participating gymnasts two weeks before the start of the Olympic Games in Rio.

31 well-known athletes and 12 teams from 20 different countries will fight for the highest position in the all-around on the first two days of the World Cup in Baku. The apparatus event finals will take place on the final day of the competition.

US Rhythmic Gymnasts to Display Strong Performances in Baku

According to the U.S. senior team coach, Margarita Mamzina, the Final Series of the FIG World Cup in Rhythmic gymnastics this season will be held at a very high level.

“The US gymnasts will take part in such competitions in Baku for the first time,” she said. “The pace of the preparatory work testifies that the competition will be held at a high level.”

US rhythmic gymnasts

The US team coach mentioned that the FIG World Cup Final in Baku will serve as the team’s final preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games in August. According to her, the US gymnasts are already prepared to exhibit impressive performances.

“The US gymnasts would like to join the top ten, but of course, everything depends on their preparation,” she added.

“The main thing is for the gymnasts to perform well,” she said. “I think the US team is ready for the competition. The gymnasts have already taken a historic action. For the first time, the US group team will participate in the Olympic Games.”

Mamzina also revealed that the US Team travelled to Baku a little bit earlier in order to prepare for the competition.

“The conditions in Baku are ideal for training,” the US team coach said.

“I would like to stress that Azerbaijan’s National Gymnastic Arena is one of the best places where the US gymnasts trained,” she said.

Starting July 22, the competition in Baku will begin and will showcase a magnificent Opening Ceremony, directed by the Head coach of the Azerbaijan Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, Mariana Vasileva. The competition will end with a traditional Gala on July 24.

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