Are Energy Drinks and Nutrition Bars Safe for Kids

Are Energy Drinks and Nutrition Bars Safe for Kids

Participating in an intense kind of physical activity such as sports can quickly drain most of your child’s energy, so it is important to provide them the proper kinds of food for them to have enough energy and nutrition to keep up with their sports.

However, due to busyness, lack of knowledge and time to prepare the right kinds of meals, most parents are not able to give their child the proper nutrition to do well in their sports, leaving them feeling drained and tired.

Food Bar and Energy Drinks

Due to this fact, it is not surprising that the popularity of energy drinks and nutrition and protein bars have rapidly increased. Aside from the convenience that it offers, it also promises increased energy and performance which quickly attracts the public.

While these kinds of products can indeed help your child to easily get the nutrition that they need without the hassle of preparing a good meal, it still cannot beat the nutrients a healthy meal could give. It is definitely not a good idea to use these products to replace a proper diet. Remember, there’s no substitute for hard work, proper training, healthy diet, and enough sleep. Do not let the marketing hype give you the false belief that you really need something “extra” to reach your peak performance.

The Downsides of Food Bars and Energy Drinks

Here are some of the valid reasons why these kinds of products are never a good substitute for a healthy diet.

They are loaded with Sugars and Unwanted Calories

You might not know this, but most nutrition bars and energy drinks are loaded with lots of calories and sugar, which can have detrimental effects to your child’s health and fitness. That may sound okay for those kids that engage in high intensity sports, but for those who participate in moderately-intense sports, it can just contribute to unwanted weight gain, and it may also cause tooth decay.

Energy Drinks are loaded with Caffeine

Caffeine may sound like a great choice if you want an instant energy boost, but it won’t do your child any good in the long term. Keep your child away from energy drinks, as it may just do more harm than good to them.

Caffeine is associated with many health problems such as upset stomach, headaches, fatigue, and sleep problems – all of which can negatively affect your child’s sports performance.

Nutrition Bars can NEVER replace a Healthy Meal

You will never really see anyone who eats a pack of energy bar for lunch then sit back feeling satisfied. Nothing beats a real meal for both that “satisfied” feeling and the nutritional satisfaction that your child needs.

Real Meal

Despite the nutritional content of nutrition bars, they will not be able to provide all the different nutrients your child needs to grow, develop, play sports, and have enough energy to handle all the extra curricular activities included in their schedule. The only way to do that is to eat a well-balanced diet and avoid skipping “real” meals.

They are Expensive

Their convenience comes with a cost. Energy drinks and food bars don’t come cheap, and they are often priced higher than real meals. At about the same price, if not cheaper, you can get a higher quality and a better energy boost from a real meal than from a pack of a food bar.

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