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Working                             is among the most delicate of tasks in the area of education.


Being able to understand and cope with the needs of a child is a         as well as an exciting learning opportunity. Our training courses are designed to build well-trained, informed specialists, who understand the ethics, responsibilities, safety rules, practices and the tools of the coaching profession.

with children


The purpose of our courses is not only to develop your technical skills through theory and practice, but to refine your inherent interpersonal skills, such as perceptive, empathic listening and questioning, the ability to engage with others so as to create real connection, clarity, choice and forward action.

The training courses are open to everyone.

At the end of the Training Course you will be granted a                                         from our Academy of Sport and Art for having completed the basic coursework of Professional Coaching Skills and will be offered an internship in our facilities to perfect your knowledge.

Coaching Certificate

Notice for future staff

Dear                     ,


Our Academy is proud to announce the availability of                                  , which will develop you into a highly-qualified specialist in the field of physical and psychological coaching.


The mission of our Academy is to work               with children, educating them in the Art of Gym, Dance and Sport, giving them an idea about the beauty and unlimited possibilities for creation in this area. Thus, our coaches and instructors must be very well-prepared for the specific task of dealing with children. While not everyone will become a champion, the enthusiasm, good feeling and nice memories will remain for life in the hearts of the youth. That’s why the new recruits must be energetic people who are able to solve problems, provide an example for the children to follow and motivate them. Working with children involves not only theoretical technique, but also a good heart and love for your fellow man.

coaching courses


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+65 6274 3822 / +65 8126 1177


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